Custom Promoter-Reporter Vector

We offer nearly 18,000 human and 17,500 mouse promoters, available in lentiviral vectors with luciferase or GFP reporters. These vectors can be used directly for plasmid transfection or for packaging into lentivirus to generate stable promoter-reporter cell lines for downstream cell assays.

Use abm’s Promoter-Reporter constructs to:

pLenti-Promoterless-GFP-His Vector pLenti-Promoterless-Luc Vector

Our promoter-reporter constructs consist of approximately -1500 bp upstream and +100 bp downstream of the transcription start site, driving the expression of a luciferase or GFP reporter in a lentiviral vector. This can be used directly for transfection or be packaged into virus for infection and Stable Cell Line Generation.

"If I have any special needs or concerns, they are always dealt with by the Technical Support Team. I have always been pleased with the product and will continue to use this service for my research."

John Teem, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

Service Details

Custom Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (GFP) EGFP 1.0 µg C450 $450.00
Custom Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Luc) Firefly Luciferase 1.0 µg C449 $450.00
Blank Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Luc) Firefly Luciferase 1.0 µg LV653 $295.00
Blank Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (GFP) EGFP 1.0 µg LV654 $295.00
CMV Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Luc) Firefly Luciferase 1.0 µg LV655 $295.00
CMV Promoter-Reporter Lentiviral Vector (GFP) EGFP 1.0 µg LV656 $295.00
Site-Directed Mutagenesis Service Single Clone C047 $150.00
Plasmid Amplification (10-20 µg) 10‑20 µg C309 $75.00
Plasmid Amplification (80-100 µg) 80‑100 µg C310 $150.00
Bacterial Glycerol Stock 1 Clone C139 $25.00
Custom Lentivirus Packaging Service 106‑1010 IU/ml Click here From $650.00
Need to study a larger promoter or multiple variations of a promoter? Combine this with our Custom Cloning Services or Site-Directed Mutagenesis service!

Additional Info

Our custom promoter reporters are PCR amplified from human genome build GRCh38 and mouse genome build GRCm38, and sequences provided upon quotation are a reference only as actual amplified genomic sequences may vary between different sources of template genomic DNA.   If exact promoter sequences are required, we recommend ordering custom gene synthesis for the promoters instead.


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