DNA-Protein Markers

   Our OptiDNA and OptiProtein markers are the industry standard for gel electrophoresis. All the bands are clearly distinct using standard electrophoresis and evenly distributed throughout the range. In addition to the highest product quality, all markers are also priced at a deep discount.
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Product Range Bands Quantity Cat No. Price
DNA Markers
100bp Opti-DNA Marker 50bp-1.5kb 17 500 μl/100 loads G016 $40.00
100bp Plus Opti-DNA Marker 100bp-3kb 12 500 μl/100 loads G193 $40.00
1kb Opti-DNA Marker 100bp-10kb 19 500 μl/100 loads G106 $40.00
1kb Plus Opti-DNA Marker 250bp-25kb 14 500 μl/100 loads G248 $40.00
2kb Opti-DNA Marker 100bp-5kb 8 500 μl/100 loads G249 $50.00
Safe-Green™ 100bp Opti-DNA Marker 50bp-1.5kb 17 500 μl/100 loads G473 $65.00
Safe-Green™ 1kb Opti-DNA Marker 100bp-10kb 19 500 μl/100 loads G474 $65.00
Protein Markers
Opti-Protein Marker 10kDa-175kDa 11 500 μl G252 $95.00
Opti-Protein XL Marker 10kDa-245kDa 12 500 μl G266 $110.00
Opti-Protein Express Marker 16kDa-100KDa 5 500 μl G494 $45.00
Opti-Protein Precision Marker 29kDa-250KDa 9 500 μl G622 $75.00
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