Dual Luciferase Reporter Lentivectors

abm’s Dual Luciferase Reporter system makes it easy to normalize your luciferase data. Our system is designed such that one luciferase responds to 3'UTR-dependent, 5'UTR-dependent , or promoter-dependent expression, while a second luciferase is constitutively expressed from the same plasmid for uniform activity.

Never worry about the luciferase activity being skewed across test conditions and replicates by differences in the number of cells and the number of plasmid copies per cell. Simply divide the P. pyralis Luc activity by the R. reniformis Luc activity to normalize the measured effect on the 3'UTR/ 5’UTR/promoter.

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Dual Luciferase 3'UTR Reporter lentivector Dual Luciferase Promoter Reporter lentivector Dual Luciferase 5'UTR Reporter lentivector

"If I have any special needs or concerns, they are always dealt with by the Technical Support Team. I have always been pleased with the product and will continue to use this service for my research."

John Teem, Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services

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Service Details

Core Services
Gene Synthesis Per bp C098 from USD $0.18/bp
Vector Backbone for Cloning Not a Deliverable C318 $350.00
Subcloning Service I 1.0 µg C096 $125.00
Upgrade UTR Library to Dual-Luciferase Reporter 1 Construct C523 $195.00
pLenti-UTR-Dual-Luciferase Blank Vector 1.0 µg m031 $165.00
Lenti-UTR-Dual-Luciferase Blank Virus 106 IU/ml, 3.0 ml m032 $625.00
Blank UTR (Control) Dual Luciferase Stable Cell Line 106 cells/ml, 1.0 ml m033 $1350.00
Blank Promoter Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Dual Luc) 1.0 µg m034 $165.00
CMV Promoter Reporter Lentiviral Vector (Dual Luc) 1.0 µg m035 $165.00
pLenti-5'UTR-Dual-Luciferase Blank Vector 1.0 µg m036 $165.00
Additional services such as site-directed mutagenesis, reporter switching, and high-titer lentiviral packaging are available upon request.

Additional Info

Dual Luciferase 3'UTR Reporter system:
Interference with a 3'UTR (e.g. by miRNA) destabilizes the P. pyralis luciferase mRNA, and this effect is measurable with a luciferase assay. Divide the activity of P. pyralis luciferase by the activity of the constitutively expressed R. reniformis luciferase for normalization. Thousands of Human, Mouse, and Rat 3'UTR sequences are also available in our library for an upgrade (Cat. No. C523) to our Dual Luc system.

Dual Luciferase 5'UTR Reporter system:
Transcribed from the beta-actin promoter, the 5'UTR determines the activity of P. pyralis luciferase. Simply divide it by the activity of R. reniformis luciferase that is constitutively expressed in our Dual Luc system for normalization.

Dual Luciferase Promoter Reporter system:
Close to 18,000 human and 17,500 mouse promoters are eligible for abm's custom promoter reporter lentiviral vector services. In our Dual Luc system, your promoter's activity in different cell types or in the presence of different transcription factors determines the activity of P. pyralis luciferase. To normalize it, simply divide it by the activity of R. reniformis luciferase that is constitutively expressed from the SV40 promoter. Studying a specific type of tissue? Please inquire with us for tissue-specific promoters!

Additional tips:
Inquire about abm's Site-Directed Mutagenesis service to assist in the characterization of your 3'UTR, promoter, or 5'UTR. We can mutate miRNA binding sites, transcription factor binding sites, upstream ORFs etc. and deliver both wild type and mutated sequences in our Dual Luc systems.


For the Antibiotic Switching Service, can I change the gene to a resistance marker other than puromycin or neomycin?
Yes, we also offer hygromycin and blasticidin. You can also send us a plasmid containing a marker to be subcloned, or tell us the sequence that you would like us to synthesize. Please email [email protected] for further information.


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