Mouse Antibody Isotyping Kit

G61720 Tests



The Mouse Antibody Isotyping Kit offers ELISA-grade sensitivity in determining monoclonal antibody classes (IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, and IgM) and subclasses (ĸ and λ light chains) within 5 minutes. Knowing the monoclonal antibody isotypes and subclasses is useful in choosing the most appropriate immunoglobulin purification method. This kit can be used to screen hybridoma clones for desirable isotype and/or subclass. The ideal sample type is hybridoma culture supernatant or purified monoclonal antibody samples; however ascites fluid samples can also be used. Add your diluted sample to the loading well and specific class- and subclass-soluble complexes will form with antibodies in the sample that travels through the membrane, and are resolved on anti-isotype and class-specific antibody-impregnated membrane to display a red band.

Product Features Applications/Features
• Simple to use with colour-readout results in 5 minutes
• Rapid and reliable results similar to standard ELISA-based isotyping assays
• Able to detect antibodies in cell culture supernatant and ascites fluid samples at ≥ 100 ng/mL
• Specific assay with no cross-reactivity with fetal bovine serum (FBS) or among each isotype
• Red control line appears to indicate a successful run
Unit quantity20 Tests

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