Mycoplasma Detection & Decontamination

  Contamination of cell cultures with mycoplasma is a widespread laboratory problem that can jeopardize important experimental results. Applied Biological Materials, Inc. offers the following services to help you resolve this issue.
Mycoplasma Detection
  Cell culture samples sent in by the customer will be analyzed for mycoplasma contamination and a report will be provided within 10 business days of receiving the cells.
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  - excellent results -- our mycoplasma detection technique is specially designed for sensitivity and accuracy.
  - efficient and convenient -- all you need to do is to send in a cell culture sample.
Cost and Ordering
Contaminant Test for: Cat. No. Price
Mycoplasma Spp. C214 $52.00
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Mycoplasma Decontamination
  Mycoplasma-contaminated cell cultures sent in by the customer will be treated with anti-mycoplasma cocktails and delivered back to the customer once decontamination has been confirmed. A report will be provided with the cell culture to certify the success of the treatment. The entire process will be completed within approximately 45 business days of receiving the cell culture.
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  - effective -- removal of mycoplasma from cell culture samples as per the detection limit of test used.
  - convenient -- we eliminate the need for you to acquire special supplies and equipment needed to properly decontaminate cell culture samples.
Cost and Ordering
Contaminant Decontamination: Cat. No. Price
Mycoplasma Spp. C232 $1,500.00
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How many vials of cells do we get after the mycoplasma decontamination service?
You will receive two vials that are mycoplasma absent, as tested by our standard PCR based method for mycoplasma detection. Additional vials will cost extra.

Note: Our mycoplasma detection method is qualitative and thus, detection limit refers to presence or absence of PCR product as seen on an agarose gel. If mycoplasma is absent, no amplified PCR product should be seen. A 15% non-refundable fee is required to initiate the service.
How do we confirm the sample is mycoplasma free?
We use a PCR method to test for the presence of mycoplasma (cat#G238). This kit detects over 200 species of mycoplasma and we do consecutive testings to make sure that the mycoplasma does not return after treatment stops. We can also have third party certify that the cells are free of mycoplasma at an additional charge.
What do we send for the mycoplasma detection and treatment service?
For frozen cells, please ship two vials (at least 10^6 each) on dry ice. Another method is to send us two T25 flask of live cells per sample, at 50-60% confluency. The flask should be filled with complete medium without any air bubble and at room temperature. The flask can be filled with medium using a 50ml culture tube.

For cell culture medium, please ship at least 0.5ml of medium with ice packs. Please ensure that the samples have been in culture with the cells for at least 48-72 hours.

For frozen cells, please ship at least two vials (at least 10^6 each) on dry ice. Another method is to send us two T25 flask of live cells per sample, at 50-60% confluency. The flask should be filled with complete medium without any air bubble and at room temperature. The flask can be filled with medium using a 50ml culture tube.

If your cells require medium other than DMEM and RPMI, we will need 1 L of medium and any applicable growth factors from you for the project. Also, please provide coated 6-well plates and T25 flasks if the cells require specially treated culture vessels.
Can I buy a detection kit and test my own samples first before submitting them for elimination?
Certainly. The link to the detection kit is . This kit can detect over 70 different types of mycoplasma species.
What is the method used to remove mycoplasma?
abm has several methods of treating mycoplasma contaminated samples (i.e. potent antibiotics cocktail/ non-antibiotics based treatment). Our treatment methods show no toxicity to most cells under treatment as determined by gene array assay.
If the mycoplasma infection keeps coming back after we received, what guarantees are provided?
We monitor the cells for 2 weeks after we stop treatment to ensure that the mycoplasma contamination does not re-occur.

Even though our mycoplasma treatment has shown a very high success rate but so far no antibiotic has shown permanent removal of all mycoplasma as some species may become resistant to the treatment. We guarantee the absence of mycoplasma in treated samples within our detection limit using PCR based detection method.

In such cases of extensive mycoplasma contamination, we recommend to use anti-mycoplasma reagents for prevention if you cannot replace the cells and constant monitoring of mycoplasma levels. There are some genetic approaches reported in literature that can be tried in such cases.
What is the cost of receiving additional clean vials of cells for Cat # C232?