Protein Expression and Analysis

Protein purification represents a series of processes that serve to isolate the target protein from a simple-complex mixture of biomolecules. abm has you covered offering everything for your protein experimental needs including: ready-made protein expression vectors, affinity purification resins (Nickel, Agarose and A/G beads), site specific proteases, protein lysates and purified recombinant proteins. 

abm also offers a comprehensive collection of >26,000 human genes and >20,000 mouse and rat genes cloned into ready-to-use Protein Expression vectors. Our standard collection constructs are available with CMV or T7 promoters and have options for His and/or GST tags. Simply input your gene of interest into the search bar below. 

Can't find what you're looking for? abm can generate Custom Constructs, Custom Proteins and Peptides tailored to your experiment.
"We have not observed evidence of any shortcomings regarding the purity, quality and utility of the product. We will order this product again in the future."

Dr. Andreas Tue Ingemann Jensen, DTU Nutech, Recombinant Human EGF Growth Factor (Z100131/Z100135/Z100139)

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We offer a wide selection of recombinant proteins, lysates, resins and reagents for protein purification and analysis