To facilitate your research with respect to successful gene-expression and protein production, abm offers an entire repertoire of >26,000 genes for human and >20,000 genes for mouse and rat in an array of strategically designed expression vectors.

Key features of abm's protein expression vectors include:

  • The option for expression in either a prokaryotic (E. coli; T7 promoter based) or a eukaryotic (mammalian cell; CMV promoter based) system.
  • A choice of 5 tags (His, HA, MBP, GST and D-tag; some in combination) with both N-terminal and C-terminal options for a His tag.
  • A near complete library of human genes to choose from.

The below table can be used as a quick reference guide for determining what our different tags can offer:

Tag Name Description Size (kDa) Cleavable
C-His A single C-terminal 6X-Histidine tag. 0.84 No
N-His A single N-terminal 6X-Histidine tag. 2.3 Yes (with thrombin)
C-HA A single C-terminal Hemagglutinin tag. 1.1 No
His-MBP Dual N-terminal tag; 6X Histidine followed by Maltose Binding Protein. 43 Yes (with TEV)
His-GST Dual N-terminal tag; 6X Histidine followed by Glutathione-S-Transferase Protein. 27.9 Yes (with TEV)
N-D-C-HA Dual tags; N-terminal 3X D-tag and C-terminal Hemagglutinin tag. N: 3X FLAG: 3.5
C: HA: 1.1
N: Yes (with TEV)
C: No
N-D-C-His Dual tags; N-terminal 3X D-tag and C-terminal 6X-Histidine tag. N: 3X FLAG: 3.5
C: His: 0.84
N: Yes (with TEV)
C: No

Can not find your gene of interest or need a wider selection of tags? Please contact our customer service team with your request for Custom Protein Production. We will be happy to assist you with any of your project specific requirements.

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