Retrovirus System

Choose from abm’s comprehensive library of human, mouse and rat genes cloned into retroviral vectors, or packaged as a ready-to-use retrovirus. Express your gene of interest via retroviral transduction to cause the integration of genetic material specifically into dividing cells. abm’s retroviral system provides retroviral vectors and retroviruses with a choice of no tag, HA tag, or GFP tag.

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Key features of abm’s Retrovirus System
Genes Available Library of all human, mouse, and rat genes
Promoter CMV promoter for strong gene expression in most cellular systems
Tags Available No tag
HA tag for detection or protein purification
GFP reporter
Retovirus titers 10 ml of 106 IU/ml
Amplification/purification services available
Safety Replication-incompetent retrovirus with minimal relation to the wild type Moloney Murine Leukemia Virus (MMLV)
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Retroviral System Controls

Product Size Cat. No. Price
pRetroG-CMV-blank Vector 1.0 μg RV001 $135.00
pRetroG-CMV-GFP-HA Vector 1.0 μg RV002 $135.00
pRetroG-CMV-GFP-stop Vector 1.0 μg RV003 $135.00
pRetroG-CMV-GFP-IRES-GFP Vector 1.0 μg RV004 $135.00
pRetroG-CMV-RFP-stop Vector 1.0 μg RV005 $135.00
Retro-CMV Blank Retrovirus 1 ml of 106 IU/ml RVP001 $195.00
Retro-CMV-GFP-HA Retrovirus 1 ml of 106 IU/ml RVP002 $195.00
Retro-CMV-GFP Retrovirus 1 ml of 106 IU/ml RVP003 $195.00
Retro-CMV-GFP-IRES-GFP Retrovirus 1 ml of 106 IU/ml RVP004 $195.00
Retro-CMV-RFP Retrovirus 1 ml of 106 IU/ml RVP005 $195.00