SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing Service

With abm’s express DNA Sanger sequencing service, you can download your sequence data within a week of sample submission.

Select your free primers from our list of available universal primers, use our oligonucleotide synthesis service for unique primer design or send your own primers along with your samples.

We can solve many sequencing related problems, such as multiple hairpin loops and uneven base distributions. Our streamlined technology platforms and proprietary reagents ensure highly accurate performance, and our dedicated and highly experienced team is ready to assist with your special requirements.

SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing Workflow

"I am a fan of abm: great product quality, great price, great rewards and great experience."

Dr. Vincent Emond, Centre de recherche du CHU de Québec CHUL

Service Details

Service Name Unit Cat. No. Unit Price
SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing 1 Reaction C199 $7.50
SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing with Custom Primer Synthesis 1 Reaction C197 $13.50
PCR Cleanup for Sanger Sequencing 1 Sample C319 $5.00

Guarantee: abm will repeat any poor quality sequencing reactions one time if requested within 10 business days of sequencing results becoming available for download. After this time frame, all repeat sequencing requests will be charged as new sequencing reactions requiring new sample submission.

Additional Info

  1. Download and fill out an order request form. Please include all of the required information such as your template names, concentrations, estimated sizes, and corresponding primer names, plus any special notes (high/low GC, multiple hairpins etc.).

    To qualify for SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing (C199) service, if your chosen primers are not on the list of Free Sequencing Primers, you will need to send us your primers along with your samples. Alternatively, if a primer is listed on the abm Free Sequencing Primers list (see documents section below), these will be provided as part of the service at no additional cost. When choosing our free sequencing primer(s), please use the primer name exactly as shown in the list, and leave the primer concentration cell blank.

    SpeedySeq DNA Sequencing with Custom Primer Synthesis (C197) service includes the custom synthesis of one sequencing primer of 20-30 bases in length to be used for sequencing your DNA sample. Please mention your desired primer sequence when submitting the order request form.

    Please provide your billing information & e-mail address. Your completed order request form can be attached and emailed to [email protected].
  2. Once you have received an order confirmation email, please send your samples (plus primers where applicable) to us at:

    Attn: Order # xxxxxxxxx
    Applied Biological Materials Inc.
    1-3671 Viking Way
    Richmond, BC
    V6V 2J5 CANADA

    Template Type DNA Concentration DNA Volume Primer Concentration Primer Volume
    Plasmid 100 ng/μl 10 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    PCR (100-500 bp) 5-10 ng/μl 10 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    PCR (500 bp-1 kbp) 10-20 ng/μl 10 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    PCR (>1.0 kbp) 20-40 ng/μl 10 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    Cosmid 0.5-1 μg/μl 20 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    Fosmid 0.5-1 μg/μl 20 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    Cosmid 0.5-1 μg/μl 20 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    BAC 0.5-1 μg/μl 20 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    Genomic DNA 2-3 μg/μl 20 μl 5 μM 10 μl
    *The volumes indicated above are for each sequencing reaction. For example, if submitting 4 plasmids, each to be sequenced using the same set of forward and reverse primers, please submit a total of 20 μl per plasmid, 40 μl of forward primer and 40 μl of reverse primer.


Do you pay the cost of transport of the samples?
We do not cover the cost of shipping samples to our sequencing facility, and this is to be arranged by the end user. If you have any queries regarding shipment of DNA samples, please email [email protected] for a prompt response. Please note that pricing is per sample with 1 primer. For the same sample with 2 primers, the cost will be 2 x C199 or 2 x C197.
I plan to send plasmids for sequencing. What is the lowest concentration for submission? Some plasmids were just around 20 ng/ul. Do I need to condense my plasmids?
The minimum requirement for submission of plasmid DNA for sequencing is 100 ng/ul. For crude PCR samples, please submit at least 10-15 ul per sample as starting material. If you require any further assistance or information please contact [email protected]
What is the link for the software to read the results and how do I determine the “N” reads with the most probable sequence for that nucleotide?
The software (FinchTV) for reading the chromatograms can be downloaded for free from Geospiza: http://www.geospiza.com/Products/finchtv.shtml When the software is downloaded and installed, all you have to do is open the chromatogram. ABI format chromatogram file (.ab1) The bases and position numbers will be shown at the top of the chromatogram, so you can easily find where the N is located and check the peaks to see what the nucleotide should be.
How do I open the files?
You may open .seq files, which contains the raw sequence data, using Notepad. For chromatograms, you will need to install FinchTV (http://www.geospiza.com/ftvdlinfo.html) to open .ab1 files, which contains the visualization of the sequencing reactions.
Am I able to submit a sample that is 1500 bp?
Yes, you can. For 1500 bp sequences, you will need to provide 2 primers to cover the whole sequence, instead of 1 primer. The service cost for this sample would be a quantity of 2 x C199 or 2 x C197.


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