Tag Antibodies

Tag Antibodies are highly specific antibodies against fusion tags irregardless of adjacent recombinant protein sequences, allowing for their identification, purification or tracking of proteins for which no antibody exists, saving time, money and other resources. Our collection of both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies developed for a variety of tags is sure to meet any research needs, including Western Blotting, ELISA, immunoprecipitation, immunopurification and immunofluorescence applications.

Tags Overview

His Tag - A sequence of 6 Histindine amino acids, specialized for immobilization on metal beads.

HA Tag - The influenza hemagglutinin surface glycoprotein epitope (YPYDVPDYA).

GFP, RFP, CFP and YFP Tags - The green, red, cyan and yellow fluorescent tags for visualization.

GST Tag - A sequence of the glutathione-S-transferase enzyme.

Myc Tag - A polypeptide developed from the cMyc gene.

V5 Tag - The GKPIPNPLLGLDST polypeptide.

D Tag - The well known, unique epitope tag DYKDDDDK.

MBP Tag - A polypeptide from the Maltose Binding Protein, which prevents protein aggregation.

VSVG Tag - A peptide sequence (YTDIEMNRLGK) from the Vesicular Stomatitis viral glycoprotein.

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    Epitope tags are short peptide sequences that are easily recognized by tag-specific antibodies. Due to their small size, epitope tags do not affect the tagged protein's biochemical properties. Most often sequences encoding the epitope tag are...

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    ANTI-D-tag from rabbit affinity isolated antibody, buffered aqueous solution

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    Anti-V5 antibody produced in rabbit IgG fraction of antiserum

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