Virus Titration Kits

Our Titration Kits provide a fast and simple method for titrating your virus. The kits employ either a quick RNA or DNA extraction step, and determine viral RNA/DNA titer using qRT-PCR.

Advantages of abm's titration kits:

  • No RNA purification -- saves time and eliminates inaccuracy.
  • Ready-to-use reagent mix -- reduces variability.
  • qRT-PCR in one step -- more sensitive and accurate than other methods.
  • No NTC amplification -- Unique primer design completely eliminates non-specific amplification in NTCs.

We also offer Instant Lentivirus Titration Cards, which allow rapid detection of lentiviral capsule proteins as a marker to confirm the presence of lentivirus. Utilizing the lateral flow immunoassay method, viral titer yields are assessed instantly within 10 minutes using our 3 step protocol.

Product Information

  • Lentiviral Titration
    Protocol at a glance: Lentiviral Titration
    abm's kits employ a quick RNA extraction step and determines viral RNA using qRT-PCR.
  • aav custom service
    AAV Titration Service
    Don't want to do the titration yourself? We offer custom AAV titration services.
  •  lentiviral custom Service
    Lentivirus Titration Service
    We offer custom lentivirus titration services at affordable prices.