pLenti-Promoterless-Dual Luciferase Control Vector

Cat. No.
1.0 μg
Cat. No. m034
Name pLenti-Promoterless-Dual Luciferase Control Vector
Unit 1.0 μg
Category Control Vectors & Viruses

A blank control vector. No promoter drives expression of firefly luciferase (P. pyralis). A second Renilla (R. reniformis) luciferase is driven by the SV40 promoter to allow for normalization.

Vector Map pLenti-Promoterless-Dual-Luc-Blank (click blue link to view)
System Lentivirus
List of Markers Bacterial: Kanamycin Mammalian: Puromycin, Luciferase
Promoter promoterless, SV40 promoter.
Storage Condition

1 year when stored at -20°C or lower in a non-frost free freezer.


Our custom dual luciferase reporter lentivectors offer a huge variety of human and mouse promoters driving
luciferase. We include the range of approximately -1500 bp upstream to +100
bp downstream of the transcription start site.

One common way to use promoter reporter constructs is to subject cells carrying the
construct to a stimulus of interest and observe how this affects reporter expression. This will
provide the researcher with information about the promoter’s tissue specificity and regulation
by different transcriptional activators/repressors, hormones, kinase cascades etc. Or, one can
perform an expression assay with different promoter variants to observe how changes in the
promoter sequence affect reporter expression.

We recommend always performing your experiments with the proper controls. To this end, we
offer this blank promoter reporter vector (negative control), and CMV promoter reporter vector
(positive control).

Material Citation If use of this material results in a scientific publication, please cite the material in the following manner: Applied Biological Materials Inc, Cat. No. m034
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