SensiStain™ IHC Antibodies for Pathology

Validated and highly specific, designed for your pathology research needs - abm's SensiStain™ IHC Antibodies are ready to be incorporated into your lab today.

SensiStain™ IHC Antibody Features:

  • Validated on human tissues through robust in house quality control.
  • Delivered at 1 mg/ml concentration for research use.
  • Highly specific and sensitive for IHC applications.
  • Clean staining with little to no background.
  • Can be used for single tissue IHC staining or for TMA IHC staining.
  • Can be utilized in manual and automated staining systems*
  • Can be used with abm's secondary antibodies.
  • Pair with the abm's histology custom services (i.e. IHC staining)

*will require end user to do own optimization

Cannot find your antigen of interest? Speak to our team at [email protected] or use our custom antibody services for your specific needs.

  • IHC Services Flyer
    IHC Services Flyer
    Complete your IHC experiments with abm`s expertise. Pair SensiStain™ antibodies with abm`s IHC services.
  • IHC Performance
    Performance Data
    Achieve superior staining with SensiStain™ antibodies. See the high sensitivity, specificity, and clean staining performance of SensiStain™ Anti-p504s Antibody (Cat. No. HY000206) on human colon tissue.
  • SensiStain Antibody Flyer
    SensiStain™ Antibody Flyer
    Superior Staining Starts with SensiStain™

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  1. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-CD13 Antibody is developed to detect CD13. Cluster of differentiation 13 (CD13) is a transmembrane protein present on a number of different tissues and cell types including epithelial and endothelial cells, fibroblasts,...

  2. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-CD30 Antibody is developed to detect CD30. Cluster of differentiation 30 (CD30) is a transmembrane cytokine receptor expressed by activated T and B cells.

  3. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-CD63 Antibody is a valuable tool for the identification of human CD63. Cluster of differentiation 63 (CD63) is a lysosomal membrane glycoprotein identified as a platelet activation molecule. CD63 localizes to the membrane and...

  4. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-Growth Hormone (GH) Antibody is designed and developed for sensitive detection of growth hormone (GH). GH is a peptidic hormone produced by somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland. Studies have also found Anti-GH to stain...

  5. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-WT1 Antibody detects for the presence of WT1, or Wilms Tumor Protein. WT1 plays a role in the processes of cellular development and cell survival. In cancer biology, WT1 plays has been found to play a role as a tumor suppressor...

  6. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    Serum amyloid A1 or SAA1 is an apolipoprotein secreted typically by hepatocytes under the regulation of inflammatory cytokines. The increase of SAA1 levels may be in response to infection, tissue injury and/or malignancy. SensiStain™ Anti- SAA1...

  7. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    DNA topoisomerase 2-alpha (TOP2A) is an enzyme encoded by the TOP2A gene. It is a nuclear enzyme which alters the topologic states of DNA during transcription; and mutations of the TOP2A gene had been associated with the development of drug...

  8. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 µg/ 100 µl
    SensiStain™ Anti-CD317 Antibody detects for the presence of CD317, also known as tetherin or BST2. Typically, CD317 is expressed on B cells and bone marrow stromal cells. In studies, CD317 plays a role in HIV-1, where it is a host factor whcich...

  9. Price: $195.00
    Unit: 100 μg/ 100 μl
    SensiStain™ Anti-ATRX Antibody was developed and designed to detect for the presence of the transcriptional regulator ATRX. ATRX is a critcal marker for glioma, and can be used in parallel with IDH mutant marker to determine the grade of the...

  10. Price: $195.00
    SensiStainTM Anti-Nanog Antibody stains for the presence of Nanog, a homeoprotein that functions with pluripotent factors such as Oct4 and Sox2 to maintain embryonic stem cell pluripotency. Expression of nanog has been shown to be present in...

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