cel-miR-239-5p Control Template

MCH000042 x 2.5 nmol



microRNA control templates are chemically modified, double-stranded miRNA-like RNA which are designed to copy the functionality of mature endogenous miRNA upon transfection. At the 5'-end, it is synthesized with a partially complementary motif to 3'UTR end of the target gene, which allows the miRNA control template to specifically bind to the target. Transfection of the templates followed by downstream gene expression analysis or phenotypic analysis, is performed to elucidate the targets and roles of particular miRNAs. miRNA Mimic Negative Control can be purchased separately (Cat. No. MCH00000).

miRNA Namecel-miR-239-5p
SystemqPCR Template
Gene Namecel-miR-239-5p
Accession NumberMIMAT0000295
SpeciesRoundworm (C. elegans)
Unit quantity2 x 2.5 nmol
NoteABM miRNA OneScript cDNA Synthesis kit (Cat No. G269, G270, G902 or G903) must be used to reverse transcribe the RNA. Failure to do so will not yield valid qPCR results. Each primer set includes a universal reverse primer and is specific for the unique and proprietary sequence incorporated into the cDNA by the miRNA adapter in the miRNA cDNA synthesis kit. The miRNA qPCR primer sets cannot accurately detect cDNA generated using other first strand synthesis kits.

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