Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) Medium Kit


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DescriptionThe Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium kit is formulated and optimized to not only supports the derivation of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), but also promotes long-term culture of these cells. This medium has been tested to support long-term robust proliferation of MSCs from mice, rats and humans. Customer feedbacks show that this proprietary medium is more cost-effective than homemade media, while the quality is better than kits from other leading suppliers. The Mesenchymal Stem Cell Medium Kit has 2 components, the basal medium and the growth supplements to allow flexibility for daily cell culture applications.
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SterilityEach lot is tested for the ability to promote proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells. All components are endotoxin free and negative for bacteria, yeast and fungi.
Storage ConditionStore Basal Medium at 2-8°C and Growth Supplements at -20°C.
Unit quantity500ml

Supporting Protocol





          What is the ratio to add the supplements to the media?
          Add 5 ml concentrates to 45 ml MEM medium.
          What is the ratio to add the supplements to the media?
          Add 5 ml of the concentrated supplement to 45 ml MEM medium.
          What is the shelf life after the supplements are added to the media?
          The shelf-life is at least 1 month at 4C. After one month storage at 4C, there is no obvious change in quality.
          What is the shelf life of the basal media and supplements (separately)?
          If the basal media is stored at 4C, it can last at least a year. If the supplements are stored at 4C, it can last 1-2 months. If the supplements are stored at -20C, it can last approximately one year as well. Multiple freezing and thawed is not encouraged and we recommend making aliquots before freezing. Based on our experience, there is no obvious change in quality after 1-2 freeze-thaw cycles.
          I am using the MSC medium kit to culture the MSCs. I have a question about whether the MSC medium contains serum. Can you tell me the components of the medium?
          The medium contains low-level serum and multiple supplements including growth factors. Generally, MSCs grow better in fibronectin-precoated non-TC plates and in hypoxia.
          What is the protocol for freezing iPSCs?
          1) 4-5 days after cell split, when iPSCs reach a confluency of 30-60%, aspirate out spend medium and add 1ml 0.5mM EDTA/PBS. Incubate cells at 37C for ~5min. 2) When colonies start to detach, gently harvest all the cells into a 5-ml or 15-ml or 50-ml tube by pippeting 1-2 times. Avoid multiple pippetting. Breaking down clumps into single cells may substantially decrease cell survival. May add iPSC medium to harvest all the cells. 3) Spin down at 200g for 2-3 minutes. 4) Carefully aspirate out supernatent and gently resuspend cells in 0.5ml iPSC medium. 5) Add 0.5ml freezing medium (TM023) and ROCK inhibitor. Mix well by flipping the vial and transfer the medium to a cryovial. 6) Finally transfer the vial to -80C freezer for short-term storage (days to weeks). After cells are frozen, you may then transfer the vial to liquid nitrogen tank for long-term storage (years).

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