miRNA qPCR Primer Library

All our primers have been validated for accuracy, extensively studied to obtain their optimal qPCR reaction conditions, and optimized to work with our qPCR miRNA Mastermix. Also, they cover every miRNA characterized in the Sanger 21.0 database release (June 2014).

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miRNA qPCR Primer Library

We offer qPCR primers for over 6000 human, mouse, and rat miRNAs.


Can I order primer sets for miRNA species not listed on your website?
Yes, we are able to design and provide primer sets for mature miRNA species not listed on our website. Contact a representative at [email protected] for details. Please provide the appropriate miRNA accession number(s).
In what form are the miRNA primers sets supplied?
We provide 150ul vials of each primer (1 x forward primer and 1 x universal reverse primer) at a concentration of 10uM.
Do I need to use an internal control primer for quantitative detection of miRNAs (the same as housekeeping primers which we use in qPCR for mRNAs detection)?
For human miRNA plates, the controls are as follows:
1) SNORD44, cat MPH00003
2) SNORD47, cat MPH00004
3) SNORD48, cat MPH00005
4) U6-2, cat MPH00001