pLenti-UTR-Luc-Blank Vector

m0121.0 μg



Control lentiviral vector expressing luciferase.

Unit quantity1.0 μg
SystemLentiviral Vector
Vector MappLenti-UTR-Luc-Blank
Storage Condition1 year when stored at -20°C or lower in a non-frost free freezer.

Supporting Protocol





        Is it possible to use your kit (miRNA cDNA Synthesis Kit) to do quantitative PCR with the Taqman strategy?
        This kit along with our miRNA primers would not be compatible for use with Taqman strategy.
        How does the universal reverse primer work?
        The universal reverse primer can be used for all mature miRNA. To quantify or amplify a specific miRNA, the universal reverse primer with the appropriate forward miRNA primer needs to be used. Our forward primers can work with any kits. Our universal primers will only work with abm's cDNA synthesis kit.
        Can I use SYBR green mastermix for downstream qPCR of the cDNA produced with this kit?
        It may be possible to use a SYBR green mastermix for qPCR, however, our BrightGreen miRNA miRNA qPCR MasterMix recipe has been fully optimized to provide the most successful conditions for qPCR. We have performed extensive testing with minor differences in the composition of miRNA qPCR buffer, this has proven to give very dramatic differences to the results of qPCR. General qPCR mastermixes have more additives to prevent non-specificity and formation of primer dimers and the conditions are often too harsh for the miRNA primers to anneal properly

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