Sample Collection and Viral Transport Solution

G631100 Kits/Package



For safe collection, transport, and preservation of virus samples collected from naso/oropharyngeal swabs. Recommended for use with COVID-19 qRT-PCR Rapid Detection Kit (G628).

Product Features• Viral stabilization formulation
• Unique formulation to inhibit bacterial and fungal flora in collected samples
• Room temperature storage
• Flocked swabs included
• CE IVD marked
Protocol Overview1. Peel open sterile pouch containing the flocked swab.
2. Collect specimen using swab.
3. Unscrew and remove cap from Viral Transport Solution tube. Place swab into the Viral Transport Solution.
4. Dip and gently stir the swab for 5 seconds within the Viral Transport Solution.
5. Break the swab shaft at the indicated breaking point.
6. Tightly secure the cap of the Viral Transport Solution tube.
7. Label the tube with patient information.
Shipping Conditions

Room temperature

Storage Condition

Store in original container at room temperature until use. Do not overheat, incubate, or freeze prior to use. Do not use after expiration date.

Unit quantity100 Kits/Package

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