siRNA Expression System

Clone and express any siRNA using our specially-designed iLenti™ RNAi Expression System. The system is based on a unique convergent promoter design for efficient gene knockdown, without the need for a hair-pin loop structure. This approach simplifies the design, cloning, and validation process, as it allows for the production of a functional siRNA expression cassette without repeat sequences.

Advantages of iLenti™ siRNA:

  • siRNA in lentiviral vectors for either transfection or viral infection.
  • Very stable and high yielding plasmids; no special competent cells are required.
  • Uses more potent 27-29 bp oligos than the traditional 19 or 21 bp oligos.
  • Convergent promoters to avoid hairpin loop structures, making sequencing and plasmid growth much easier.
  • GFP reporter is available for monitoring transfection or viral infection.
  • Vector is pre-linearized for quick and easy cloning.
  • siRNA Cloning Products
    Summary of siRNA Cloning Products
  • piLenti-siRNA vector maps
    Vector Maps
  • iLenti siRNA Expression Manual
    iLenti™ siRNA Expression Manual
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