Custom CRISPR Multiplex gRNA Vectors

Custom CRISPR Multiplex gRNA Vectors

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Product # of gRNAs Quantity Cat. No. Price
Custom CRISPR Dual gRNA Lentivector 2 1.0 μg C420 $395
Custom CRISPR Triple gRNA Lentivector 3 1.0 μg C421 $595
Custom CRISPR Quad gRNA Lentivector 4 1.0 μg C422 $795
Custom CRISPR Multiplex gRNA Lentivector >4 1.0 μg C423 Inquire

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Service Details
Description abm’s CRISPR multiplex gRNA system allows for optimal expression of multiple gRNAs from alternating the U6 and H1 RNA pol III promoters on a single lentiviral vector. gRNAs may be designed for use with any Cas9 variant, which is expressed from a separate vector (click here to see abm’s full list of Cas9-expressing vectors and viruses). Order your custom CRISPR multiplex gRNA vector by contacting us with the details of your desired genome edit.
  1. Multi-target genomic mutagenesis
    • Target multiple sites at a single locus or target multiple different loci simultaneously.
    • Convenient for use with Cas9 nickase to increase specificity and reduce off-target effects. Easily co-express multiple gRNAs simultaneously.
    • gRNAs can be designed for use with any Cas9 (saCas9, spCas9, dCas9-SAM, etc.).
  2. Simultaneous activation, repression, knockout of multiple genomic targets
    • Activation using dCas9-SAM (catalytically inactive Cas9 linked to a Synergistic Activation Mediator).
    • Repression using dCas9-KRAB.
    • Knockout using spCas9 or saCas9.
Procedure Multiplex gRNA Assembly
Vector pLenti-Multi-gRNA-PGK-Neo
Bacterial Selection Ampicillin
Format Plasmid
Appearance Liquid
Storage -20°C or below
Shelf Life 1 year when stored at -20°C or below
Shipping Shipped at ambient temperature
Related Materials Plasmid Amplification (10-20μg) (C309)
Cas9 Nuclease Lentiviral Vector (K002)
Cas9 Nickase Lentiviral Vector (K005)
dCas9-SAM Lentiviral Vector (K015)
dCas9-KRAB Lentiviral Vector (K203)
Quality Control Restriction Enzyme Digest and Sequencing
Caution This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications. Please contact a technical service representative for more information.
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