PriCoat™ ECM T25 Flasks

Cat. No.
10 Flasks
Cat. No. G999
Name PriCoat™ ECM T25 Flasks
Unit 10 Flasks
Category Equipment & Lab Consumables

Features of PriCoat™ ECM T25 Flasks:

  • Coated with Extracellular Matrix to promote adhesion
  • Crystal clear virgin polystyrene

  • Upper triangular and wide base shape provides better stability

  • Volume graduations on both sides

  • Vacuum plasma TC treatment for better cell attachment

  • Vent cap with 0.22 µm hydrophobic filters for gas exchange and minimise risk of contamination

  • Sterilized by E-Beam

  • Non-pyrogenic

Flask Volume 25 cm²
Storage Condition

4°C to 30°C under dry conditions

Material Citation If use of this material results in a scientific publication, please cite the material in the following manner: Applied Biological Materials Inc, Cat. No. G999
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