Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer-510 L

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Name Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer-510 L
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abm’s -86°C Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer is a cost-effective and reliable choice to keep your valuable samples in a safe, temperature-controlled environment. With a wide temperature range of -40°C to -86°C, this industry standard ultra-low freezer can also be used as a general purpose freezer or a low-temperature freezer.

With its precise temperature monitoring and control, this lab grade freezer is suitable for use in research laboratories, universities, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Its upright, free-standing design also provides easy access and organization of samples and lab research products while making the most use out of limited lab space.

This lab freezer is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, CE, and ETL certified and RoSH compliant. It is also engineered to meet stringent international quality standards, including the CSA standards.


ULT Lab Freezer Features


*Two Options Available: 220V/60Hz, NEMA 6-15 and 110V/60Hz, NEMA 5-20*


Key Features

  • 510L / 18.6 cu. ft. Upright ULT Lab Freezer (~40,000 vials, 400 x 2" boxes)
  • Easy-to-use, large 7” touchscreen control panel with user management
  • Lockable door and password-protected settings
  • Built with energy efficiency equivalent to Energy Star standards Green
  • Environmentally friendly RoSH compliant design Green
  • Ships to Canada and the USA
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  • Limited Parts: 1 Year (up to 3 years*)
  • Compressor: 3 Years (up to 5 years*)

*With extended warranty. Please contact us for more details.

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Customer Reviews

"We had the ULT freezer for over a year now with no problems. The cost is very reasonable (much better than big brands) and the most important thing is that it performs equally as well with consistent temperature and with no down-time."

- MT, GenomeMe Lab, Vancouver, Canada


"Abm freezer has been running non stop for the last 4-5 years without any trouble. We use it quite extensively, and it does get opened a lot. But the temperature goes back very quickly. Overall I have noticed better viability of cells in this freezer."

- Dr. Kshitiz Gupta, University of Connecticut Health Center (view complete product review)


"Very low noise in the lab, high quality such as the temperature is very stable, easily handling, and trouble free."

- Dr. Yansheng Du, Indiana University (view complete product review)


On-site Freezer Units Available At:
The University of Connecticut Health Center
Indiana University

Please contact [email protected] to arrange for on-site viewing.

General Information

Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer - Parts


Digital Control System  
Touch Screen Panel
  • Large 7 inch touch screen control panel
  • Keyboard lock and password protected configuration page to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Adjustable temperature control settings:
    1. Set temperature between -40°C to -86°C (with precision control to 0.1°C)
  • Delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and termination
  • Temperature monitoring function
    1. View, store, transfer, or print freezer temperature data log with the use of a USB or by connecting your freezer to a printer
    2. Temperature data is stored for a one year period
  • Intelligent audible and visual alarms
    1. High and Low Temperature Alarms
    2. Power Failure Alarm
    3. Low Battery Alarm
    4. Open Door Alarm
    5. Blocked Filter Alarm
    6. System Failure Alarm
Freezer Structure  
Freezer Structure
  • Sturdy design with medical grade stainless steel interior and painted steel outer panel
  • Adjustable stainless steel shelves, giving you the flexibility to have up to 4 freezer compartments
  • Efficient insulation design for improved energy efficiency and temperature uniformity
    1. 2 inner insulated compartmental doors
    2. 120 mm foam insulation with high-performance vacuum insulated panel (VIP)
    3. Double silicon gasket seal to lock in cold air
    4. EBM German high-efficiency fan electromotor
Freezer Structure
  • Lockable front door to keep your materials secure
  • Handle designed for easy opening and closing
  • Built-in clear file folder for convenient storage of your documents and records
  • Built-in caster wheels, levelling legs, and wall fasteners for increased mobility and easy installation
Storage of bacteria, cells, spores, pollen, protozoa, DNA, tissue (RUO), vaccines, nucleic acids (DNA/RNA), proteins, biological fluids, biomedical products, oceanic products, electronic devices
Can be used for low temperature scientific experiments and low temperature testing of special materials
Appropriate for blood banks, hospitals, university laboratories, military industries, pelagic fishery industries, sanitation industries, electronic industries, and more
Additional Specifications
Quantity Part Included
1 Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer - 510L
3 Shelf (Adjustable)
1 Ice Scraper
2 Additional access port inside cap
1 Wrench
2 Door Keys
1 USB Drive + Data Reader Program
1 User Manual
Product Specifications  
Product type Upright laboratory freezer
Storage capacity 510 L or 18 cu. ft. (around 40,000 vials or 400 x 2" boxes)
Color Freezer Color Swatch Clean light beige with blue panel
Installation type Free-standing with built-in wall fasteners
Electrical Requirements  
Voltage rating 110V / 60Hz ± 10% | 220V 60Hz, 6.5A 
Input power 1329 W | 1300 W 
Plug style NEMA 5-20 | NEMA 6-15
Power supply connector location Rear
Freezer Specifications  
Temperature range -40°C to -86°C
Compressor Adapted Embraco Compressor
Fan Motor EBM German high-efficiency fan electromotor
Defrost Manual
Shelves 3 adjustable shelves included (4 freezer compartments). Maximum load capacity for the bottom shelf is 110 kg.
Built-in alarms
  • High- and low-temperature alarm
  • Power failure alarm
  • Low battery alarm
  • Open door alarm
  • Blocked filter alarm
  • System failure alarm
Lockable front door Yes, 2 door keys included
Door swing type Right-hand swing
Refrigerant CFC-free Mixed Gas Refrigerant Green Environmentally Friendly
Foam insulation 120 mm VIP insulation panels with HFC-free Cyclopentane insulation foam Green Environmentally Friendly
Sound level ~48 dBA
Energy consumption 9.96 kWh/day Green 2X More Energy Efficient!
Access ports 2 included (1 at the back and 1 at the side)
Built-in breaker For automatic freezer protection against damage caused by high currents
Battery 24 hour rechargeable back-up battery
Controls 7" touch screen control panel
Adjustable temp. control Yes, with precision control to 0.1°C increments
Lockable control panel Yes, keyboard and password protection system included
General Specifications  
Exterior dimensions (d x w x h) 41 x 36.6 x 76.7 in (104.1 x 93.0 x 194.5 cm)
Interior dimensions (d x w x h) 27.4 x 23.0 x 49.8 in (69.6 x 58.5 x 126.6 cm)
Net weight 705.5 lbs (320 kg)
Gross weight 756.2 lbs (343 kg)
Certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, CE, TUV, and ETL certified and RoSH compliant.


Temperature increase/decrease test map:

Temperature increase and decrease test map

Vaccine Storage Capacity:

Ultra Low Temperature Lab Freezer Vaccine Storage Capacity


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Defrost Manual
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  • Liu, X., Long, X., Gao, Y., Liu, W., Hayashi, T., Mizuno, K., ... & Wang, D. O. "Type I collagen inhibits adipogenic differentiation via YAP activation in vitro" Journal of cellular physiology. : (2019).
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