12 Vial Cell Freezing Container

Q50851 Box



abm now offers specialized Cell Freezing Containers that ensure an even and consistent freezing rate of -1°C/min for your cells – all without the need for alcohol or any liquids; helping save you money and making it a more environmentally friendly option than other models on the market. Fitting comfortably inside any -80°C cryogenic freezer, our Cell Freezing Containers are proven to work on stem cells, primary cells and any cell lines with higher viability rates than standard alcohol-based freezing methods. Our Cell Freezing Containers are available in bright neon green as 30-vial and 12-vial containers.


  • No alcohol required
  • No ongoing costs, maintenance and hazadous waste
  • No pre-cooling required: Returns to room temperature within 5 minutes and is ready to use again
  • High reproducibility for freezing down cells
  • Extremely easy to open and handle immediately after removal from freezer
  • Accomodates 12 or 30 1-2 ml standard cryogenic vials


How do they compare with standard alcohol-based freezing methods?

Cell Freezing ContainerIsopropanol Container
No alcohol or pre-cooling required. Save up to 12 L of isopropanol per year! Alcohol replacement requires pre-cooling and disposal of harmful waste.
Consistent and reproducible freezing rates for higher cell viability. Alcohol degradation reduces freezing rate and freezing consistency.
Durable design and easy to open/handle. Frozen container is difficult to open and cold to touch.
Resets to room temperature in 5 minutes. Takes up to 1 hour to reset temperature.
Diameter118 mm
Volume12 x 1 ml or 12 x 2 ml
Unit quantity1 Box

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