Lentivirus Expression Systems

As a world leader in lentiviral technology, abm has developed a variety of recombinant lentiviral expression systems which can be used to manipulate the expression of your gene of interest within a broad range of host cells. To facilitate the application and versatility of our lentiviral vectors, this expression system is available to purchase in many combinations of different promoters, tag sequences and reporter genes, and even multicistronic vectors allowing for multiple gene expression from one single construct.

Choosing the right promoter for your host system:

Promoter Applications
CMV The most widely used promoter. Very strong gene expression promoter in most cellular systems; weak activity in human and mouse stem cells.
EF1a Strong expression promoter; highly efficient in stem cells. Good for stable expression from long term cultures.
PGK Medium expression promoter. Highest efficiency in stem cells; Sustains stable activity in long term cultures of undifferentiated stem cells.
UbC Relatively low expression promoter. Sustains stable expression.

Try our Lentivirus Promoter Blast™ kit to find the best promoter for your research applications.

Try our miR-Tuner products for precise control of gene expression in mammalian systems.

Tag: The CMV promoter vectors are offered with His or HA Tag. The addition of a tag can help you detect the protein expressed by western blot or IHC, or facilitate downstream protein purification if needed.

Reporters: abm offers both GFP and RFP in Fusion (in frame) with your gene of interest and in Bicistronic (driven by a separate promoter) formats.

Bicistronic/Tricistronic: By utilizing divergent promoters and Protein 2A, you can use these lentiviral vectors to express multiple genes in the same construct.

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