BlasTaq™ HotStart DNA Polymerase

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BlasTaq™ HotStart DNA Polymerase
BlasTaq™ HotStart DNA Polymerase

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    Eliminate non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation!

    BlasTaq HotStart DNA Polymerase is a strategically-engineered, next generation Taq Polymerase that has rapid extension rates, robust performance, and contains a proprietary antibody that blocks polymerase activity at low temperatures. HotStart allows for a convenient reaction set-up at room temperature without non-specific amplification and primer dimer formation. With specialized reaction conditions, this polymerase provides increased processivity, yields, and sensitivity, while shortening reaction times by up to 70%, compared to wild-type Taq DNA polymerase.

    During the initial denaturation step, the antibody dissociates from the DNA polymerase and restores enzyme activity. This feature significantly reduces non-specific product formation that would otherwise compete for reagent availability offering higher specificity and improved yield of PCR products. BlasTaq has 5’-3’ polymerase and 5’-3’ exonuclease activities, lacks 3’-5’ exonuclease activity, and produces 3’-dA-tailed amplicons. PCR products made with BlasTaq can be used with TA cloning vectors.

    Product Features:

    • No non-specific amplification or primer-dimers
    • Improves yield of desired product
    • Simplifies reaction setup
    • Earn 2X the rewards points

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    ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified

    ISO 13485:2016 MDSAP Certified
    Our PCR Products are manufactured under a Quality Management System conforming with ISO 13485:2016 as certified by Intertek (a MDSAP recognized auditing organization).


    Product ComponentQuantity
    BlasTaq HotStart DNA Polymerase 400 rxn (200 µl)
    5X BlasTaq Buffer 1 2 x 1.0 ml

     1 Buffer contains 1.5 mM Mg2+.

    2X the points for PCR Enzymes, Buffers, Solutions, and more!

    Storage Condition

    Store at -20°C.

    Unit quantity400 rxn


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