Stable Human ER Positive Breast Epithelial Cell Line

T60211x106 cells / 1.0 ml


DescriptionStable Human ER Positive Breast Cells expresses endogenous estrogen receptors (ER) in culture. It is a viable cell culture system enabling end users to conduct studies with oestrogen and screening of drug candidates suitable for breast cancer. The cells are a reliable source of renewable culture as the cells is immortalized with hTERT, thus limits batch to batch variation and gives expression of the estrogen receptors to manipulate.
SpeciesHuman (H. sapiens)
Species descriptionHomo sapiens
Tissue/Organ/Organ SystemBreast
Growth PropertiesAdherent
Cell MorphologyEpithelial-Like
Seeding Density10,000 - 20,000 cells/cm2
ApplicationsFor Research Use Only
Unit quantity1x106 cells / 1.0 ml
Pharmaceutical TargetNH Receptors
Induction MethodInfected with replication-incompetent lentivirus carrying the pBABE-neo-hTERT vector
CautionFor Research Use Only
Cell TypeDrug Discovery Cells
Propagation Requirements
Use of PriCoatTMT25 Flasks (G299) or Applied Cell Extracellular Matrix (G422) is required for cell adhesion to the culture vessels. Grow cells inECM-coated culture vessels unless otherwise specified in the Propagation Requirements below.
The base medium for this cell line is Prigrow IV medium available at abm, Cat. No. TM004. To make the complete growth medium, add the following components to the base medium: 0.5??g/ml hydrocortisone, 5??g/ml insulin, 10?ng/ml cholera toxin (Sigma), 10?ng/ml epidermal growth factor (Peprotech), 1.8 × 10–4?M adenine, 10??M Y-27632 (Y0503, Sigma), fetal bovine serum (TM999) to a final concentration of 5%, and Penicillin/Streptomycin Solution (G255) to a final concentration of 1%.
Carbon dioxide (CO2): 5%, Temperature: 37.0°C.
QC1) FACS used to isolate ER-positive expressing breast cells; 2) Immunpcytochemical staining used to detect the presence of ER; 3) 500 μg/ml G418 used for selection

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DepositorUniversity of Copenhagen

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  • AJ, Fridriksdottir et al. "Propagation of oestrogen receptor-positive and oestrogen-responsive normal human breast cells in culture" Nat Commun. 6:8786 (2015). DOI: 10.1038/ncomms9786.