CEA-2 Stable MC-38 Cell Line

T64081x106 cells / 1.0 ml


DescriptionMC38 murine colonic adenocarcinoma cells were transduced with a retrovirus containing the human Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) gene. The CEA gene expressed in T6408 is a single M: 70000 glycosylated immunoreactive product. The CEA gene present in T6408 was partially sequenced and found to have a deletion of two of the three repeated domains contained in CEA. Despite the loss of two domains the CEA product expresses epitopes recognized by multiple anti-CEA MAbs This cell line can be used as a model to study reagents against a carcinoma expressing human CEA.
SpeciesMouse (M. musculus)
Tissue/Organ/Organ SystemColon
Cell MorphologyEpithelial
ApplicationsFor Research Use Only
Donor DiseaseColonic adenocarcinoma
Cell TypeDrug Discovery Cell Lines
Growth PropertiesAdherent
Expression ProfileCEA; G418 resistance
Preservation Protocol1. Freeze Medium: 90% FBS and 10% DMSO.
2. Storage Temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapour phase.
Unit quantity1x106 cells / 1.0 ml
QC1) Western blot; 2) Southern blot; 3) Sequencing; 4) Immunofluorescence assay; 5) Immunoprecipitation

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