Human Endothelial Cell Growth Medium Kit

TM1041 Kit


Descriptionabm's Human Endothelial Cell Growth Medium Kit is designed for optimal growth of human endothelial cells in culture. The media contains proprietary formulation for optimal growth of endothelial cells in 5% CO2 condition. Simply add the media kit to your basal media under aseptic conditions for use.
ComponentThe kit has the following components:
  1. Basal Media (500 ml)
  2. Endothelial Media Kit
Shipping Conditionsbasal at 4C, kit with ice pack
Storage ConditionThe optimal storage temperature of basal media is 4-8°C. The kit components should be stored at -20°C. The media is good to use until the listed expiry date on bottle. Media expires 30 days after supplementation.
Unit quantity1 Kit
QCEach lot has been fully tested and optimized for the ability to support the in vitro culture of human endothelial cells. The parameters of testing include testing adherence rate, growth and typical morphology of human endothelial cells.

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