PCR Mycoplasma Detection & Elimination Combo Kit

G238-G3981 Combo Kit



  Mycoplasma detection is often difficult due to its lack of visable appearance, therefore it can be afflicting your valuable cell and affecting your results without your knowledge. Cells contaminated by mycoplasma species can have changes in proliferation, metabolism, gene synthesis and processing, and even adhesion properties. The solution for quick and easy mycoplasma detection is ABM's PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit. 

  The PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit allows for fast and reliable identification of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures. Mycoplasma DNA in the cell culture supernatant is amplified via PCR and visualized using gel electrophoresis. In addition to the short detection process (less than 2 hours), the easy handling and high sensitivity makes this PCR Mycoplasma Detection Kit a convenient tool for routine examination of cell cultures and media.

Features -direct addition of cell culture supernatant to PCR reaction - no DNA isolation/purification steps required. -ready-to-use primer mix - reduces variability. -able to detect numerous mycoplasma species - high sensitivity. -included positive control to verify negative results. -rapid results in 2 hours.

Caution For research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.
Unit quantity1 Combo Kit

What is the basis of the positive control in the mycoplasma kit?
It is DNA fragments containing proprietary sequences diluted in medium.
I noticed the product arrived with precipitation. Is that normal?
That is normal as the contents are concentrated. You may warm the product in a 37 degrees Celsius water bath until the sample has completely dissolved.
What size dish or flasks do you recommend the cells should be cultured in?
We encourage customers to culture their cells in either a 6-well plate or 10 cm plate.

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