Prigrow X.1 Medium

TM0101 Kit



abm’s PriGrow Media Series for mammalian cell culture is composed of high-quality, specific formulations for the optimal growth of different types of primary cells. Prigrow X.1 is a specialized media formulated for corneal progenitor cells, epithelial cells and keratinocytes derived from cornea. The PriGrow X.1 Medium has 2 components, a basal medium and a separate growth supplement vial. Prigrow X.1 contains BPE and 0.07mM calcium. The basal medium contains amino acids, minerals, vitamins and organic compounds, but is protein free.

To make complete medium, add the entire content of the growth supplement to the basal media (no additional fetal bovine serum is required). The medium does not contain any antibiotics or antimycotics. Each lot has been fully tested and optimized for the ability to support the growth of the intended primary cells, in addition to being QC tested for sterility, pH, osmolality and endotoxin levels.

Special media modification is available as a Custom Media Service, please contact a technical representative for more details.

T0361 ; T0360 ; T4058 require Prigrow X.1 for their optimal growth.

Storage Condition

Store basal medium at 2-8°C and growth supplements at -20°C.

Unit quantity1 Kit

Supporting Protocol





        What is the protocol for combining the growth supplements and basal medium?
        Thaw the content of the growth supplements (room temperature or 37C waterbath), and under sterile conditions (i.e. working in a BSC hood), pipette the entire vial content into the basal medium. Mix well by inverting the bottle several times.

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