Stable HA-D2LR-RLuc8 Mutant 5 (RRR-ERE) Expressing HEK-293 Cell Line

T61201x106 cells / 1.0 ml


DescriptionHA-D2LR-RLuc8 Mutant 5 (RRR-ERE) Expressing HEK-293 cells are derived from HEK-293 cells transiently transfected with the mutant 5 (RRR-ERE) long form of the D2 dopamine receptor (D2L-R). In this mutated construct arginine (R) residues in human HA-D2L-R/RLuc8 at positions 267 and 269 were mutated to glutamic acid (E). Constructs were C-terminally tagged with RLuc8 enabling monitoring of total receptor expression. These cells are suitable for research concerning the localization/activity/expression of this alternatively spliced D2 dopamine receptor.
SpeciesHuman (H. sapiens)
Tissue/Organ/Organ SystemKidney
Cell MorphologyEpithelial-like
ApplicationsFor Research Use Only
Donor AgeEmbryo
Donor EthnicityNot disclosed
Cell TypeDrug Discovery Cell Lines
Growth PropertiesAdherent
Expression ProfileTransfected with HA-D2LR-RLuc8 Mutant 5 using Lipofectamine
Preservation Protocol1. Freeze Medium: 92% TM003; 8% DMSO.
2. Storage Temperature: Liquid nitrogen vapour phase.
Unit quantity1x106 cells / 1.0 ml
QC1) Receptor expressing clones were selected by geneticin (1 mg/ml); 2) Individual clones were isolated via the cloning ring technique/single clone isolation by dilution; 3) Luminescence and fluorescence measurements; 4) ELISA

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