AAV Packaging Mix (Serotype 3)

AAV1003100 µg


DescriptionFor the production of helper-free Adeno-associated virus (AAV) particles, three components are generally required: 1) an AAV expression vector containing your insert of interest (cDNA, shRNA, or miRNA), 2) a packaging vector which contains all necessary adenoviral genes eliminating the need for a helper adenovirus, and 3) a packaging vector expressing the replication (Rep) and capsid (Cap) proteins responsible for determining the serotype and tropism of the AAV. All of abm’s AAV expression vectors contain wildtype ITR sequences and can be packaged using any of the serotype-specific packaging mixes listed, which are conveniently pre-mixed for each serotype so only the expression vector and the single packaging mix are required for transfection. The packaging mix provided in each kit is sufficient for packaging three viruses at 109 GC/ml titer, and is also available in a combo pack with the DNAfectin transfection reagent (1ml, Cat. G2100) for added cost savings and convenience.
Unit quantity100 µg
CautionNot for diagnostic use.
NoteNOT FOR RESALE without prior written consent of ABM. This product is distributed for laboratory research only.
SerotypeAAV Serotype 3

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