AAV Serotype Blast™ Kit, High Titer

Cat. No.
9 x 100 µl, 1013 GC/mL
Cat. No. AAV100
Name AAV Serotype Blast™ Kit, High Titer
Unit 9 x 100 µl, 1013 GC/mL

It has been well established that many variables can affect AAV transduction efficiency:
different serotypes, cell types, multiciplicity of infection (MOI), etc. The AAV Serotypes Blast™
Kit, High Titer is a sample of different premade high titer AAV of different serotypes, developed
to simplify the transduction optimization process. This starter kit consists of control viruses of 9
common serotypes expressing GFP signals, allowing you to save time in finding the AAV
serotype that works best for your in vivo model. To find the optimal conditions for your
experiment, all you need to do is inject the AAV with the appropriate MOI and monitor GFP

Advantages of abm’s AAV Serotype Blast™ Kit, High Titer

  • Serotype 1-9 available in the kit for testing
  • The kit is easy to use
  • Simplify your transduction optimization process
  • Helps you to draw accurate conclusions on suitable serotypes for your cell lines
  • This AAV serotype starter Kit has a large range of the cell types which can be tested against
  • Saves you time for your research
Vector pAAV-G-CMV-GFP-Blank Amp
Material Citation If use of this material results in a scientific publication, please cite the material in the following manner: Applied Biological Materials Inc, Cat. No. AAV100
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Supporting Protocol
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