OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase

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OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase
OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase

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    OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase is a Moloney-Murine Leukemia Virus Reverse Transcriptase with genetic modifications to abolish RNase H activity to achieve thermal stability. This special mutant enzyme offers higher cDNA yields, longer cDNA up to 12 kb,  and is able to perform under high temperatures (50°C - 55°C), facilitating the elimination of secondary structures associated with GC-rich RNA templates. OneScript® Plus is formulated with abm’s RNaseOFF Ribonuclease Inhibitor offering improved resistance to oxidation compared to the high oxidation-sensitive human RNase inhibitors. RNaseOFF is stable even under very low concentrations of DTT (< 1 mM), making it the best choice for ultimate RNA protection.


    Product ComponentQuantity
    OneScript® Plus Reverse Transcriptase 100 rxn (100 µl)
    5X RT Buffer 400 µl
    • Synthesizing cDNA from a ssRNA
    • DNA primer extension
    • Sequencing dsDNA
    • Constructing cDNA library
    • Constructing libraries for serial analysis for gene expression (SAGE)
    • Synthesizing cDNA in rapid amplification of cDNA ends (3’ & 5’ RACE)
    • Producing template for use in RT-PCR or real-time RT-PCR
    • Labelling 3'-end of duplex DNA via end-filling reactions
    • Generating probes for hybridization
    Storage Condition

    Store at -20°C.

    Unit quantity100 rxn

    Supporting Protocol




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