Growth factors and cytokines are naturally occurring signalling molecules that partake in the crucial and complex network of cell-to-cell communication in higher organisms. Programmed to transmit molecular messages, these molecules play a vital role in determining the fate of all cellular processes by carrying messages to and from the cells. While cytokines are mostly associated with immune-housekeeping through the various life-stages, growth factors are known to regulate multiple processes during both the developmental and mature stage.

In traditional cell-biology experiments, animal serum has served as a rich source of growth factors and nutrients fundamental to normal cell metabolism. However, the use of animal serum is undesirable due to (a) increased risk of viral, mycoplasma and prion contamination (b) high cost and ethical concerns associated with serum collection and (c) misinterpretation of experimental results owing to potential inclusion of growth inhibitors and background cytokines. In order to circumvent the use of animal serum, a switch to recombinant GFs is the logical, inevitable choice. abm is proud to offer a wide-repertoire of bioactive, recombinant human, mouse and rat growth factors and cytokines that are ≥95% pure, have <1.0 EU of endotoxin/µg of protein and available in customizable aliquots.

One of the largest classes of enzymes, protein kinases are highly regulated proteins that participate in a variety of cell’s signalling pathways. Growth factors, cytokines and hormones serve to modulate the activity of various protein kinase targets thereby regulating the function of associated downstream substrate proteins. More than 400 human diseases are now known to be linked to defective signalling by protein kinases. abm offers a wide spectrum of active kinases for both functional studies and research efforts geared towards drug discovery. The active kinase products range from 70 to 90% in purity and packaged as liquid formulations.

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